When is Really the Best Time to Teach Your Child About Credit Score?

Everybody wants to raise financially responsible kids, and teaching your children about credit reports early in life is a great way to get them started on the right track. When should you start your kids on their credit report education journey? When should you tell them what their credit score is? Like when they're teenagers or earlier? This article will talk about that and more.

The age when parents should start talking about credit reports is one that's constantly debated. Some people think you should start the conversation early, like when kids are young. Others feel it's not the right time to start unless they're nearing college.

The truth is, there is no exact answer to when parents should start their kids on their credit report education journey. As with so many aspects of parenting, it comes down to your family's culture and values.

Young Kids

One rule of thumb to consider is that you should be ready to start the conversation on credit reports when your kids are ready for more. There's no point in talking about credit reports and showing them the importance of having a positive credit report if they don't even understand what a credit report is yet.

One of the best ways to gauge your child's readiness is to observe how they show financial responsibility and handle money.

Some families are big on teaching children the value of money and how to handle it at a very young age. If your family subscribes to this philosophy, then it makes sense to start talking about credit reports early.


Many people feel that it's a good idea to start teaching teenagers about their credit reports, even though many teens still don't have very good credit. That's because teenagers can benefit from having their eyes opened to the fact that there are many ways that credit reports can impact their lives.

One of the best ways to teach your teen about credit reports is to show them what a credit report is. You can do this by sitting down with them and going over their credit report. Show them all the different sections and explain what they mean. Depending on where you live and the state laws, you may actually be able to get a credit report from a credit bureau for your teenager.

The best way to teach your teenager about credit reports is to show them the importance and relevance of their credit report. Sometimes a visual aid is the best way to do that. 

Major Life Events

Some parents feel that the best way to teach their children about credit reports is to wait until a major event is in their children's lives. An event like getting accepted to college or getting their first credit card, for example.

One of the best ways to teach your children about credit reports is to keep them informed about your credit report. You should be regularly checking your credit report, so make sure to check it often. Review it with them and talk to them about what you see. The conversation doesn't have to be long or drawn out - just a quick overview. The more they know, the better prepared they'll be for the world around them.

Gauge and Take It From There

When should you start your kids on their credit report education journey? The answer is different for every family.

A good rule of thumb is to wait until your child is ready for the conversation.

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