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A tool for parents to prepare their kids for the risks of credit


A new way to
look at credit

Parents want their children to learn as much as they can during the developmental phase of their life. They teach things like manners, language, math, art, music, and other such subjects.

They try to impart essential life lessons to ensure children can live independently when they are adults. Unfortunately, financial literacy is rarely a part of a child’s early life lessons.

Parents and teachers don’t teach children how to handle money intelligently, which can lead to trouble during adulthood.  Kiddie Kredit can help bridge the gap in your child’s education and teach them how to handle finances.

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The first step in creating
a financially free future

Kiddie Kredit is an app designed to teach families the importance of financial literacy. As a mobile chore tracking platform that assigns credit value based on the number of chores your child performs, it’s the best way to empower families with life skills

. If your child does all of their chores well and on time, they’re awarded a kredit score. This rewards process is effective because it teaches children how credit works in real-time.

Monitor your kids’
financial future as
efficiently as ever

View chore progress and compare it across the platform

Scores Based on Quality

The scores are assigned based on how well the child completes their chores. This encourages children to do their best job instead of just completing chores half-heartedly.


Based on US Credit Scoring Models

The scores are assigned based on US credit score models, which means the system will be familiar to your children when they grow up.

Customize and personalized chore tasks with ease

Personalize Chore Tasks

You can customize and personalize chore tasks based on your requirements.


Age-appropriate tasks are already included in our list but you can add your own tasks or customize the existing ones according to your requirements. You can also assign priority levels to different tasks.

Provide rewards and prizes to kids based on chore board

Choose Rewards

Parents can choose the rewards for the credit score. You can assign a value to every point and reward children at the end of the week.


The reward can be monetary or non-monetary based on your preferences.

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Kiddie Kredit’s primary goal is to create a younger generation of financially astute individuals with a high comprehension of credit, eliminating the pitfalls that come with falling early into debt with high-interest rates.