Educating the youth on the credit score system.

Kiddie Kredit is designed to educate youth on how the credit scoring system in the US works. We do this by our patent pending algorithm that creates a score from 0-100 similar to how FICO scoring models work.

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Powerful features to supercharge your financial literacy

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Simplifying FICO

Simplyifying understanding of FICO; Chore tracking teaches responsibility; Collaborative design to engage parent and/or admin and child

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Early credit education

Early onset education on how credit works; Formation of sound habits; Collaborative ecosystem between child, parent and/or educational program

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Seamless Sync

Any update on your tasks will be instantly synced through all your devices, no extra work needed.

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Smart Tags

Smartly categorize your new or current tasks with tags to keep all your work organized.

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On-point Notifications

Receive smart notifications about tasks expiring soon, or by any other custom trigger you need.

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Powerful Automation

Don't work over and over again, take advantage of all our automation features to make your work easier.

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Multiple Views

View your tasks in List, Board or Timeline view, depending on what’s better for your project.

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100% Customizable

Thanks to our custom fields, you can customize Apps to be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hundreds of users are enjoying the Kiddie Kredit app. browse reviews below:

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Brenda Francois
Kiddie Kredit Parent
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My child and I, just started using Kiddie Kredit not too long ago. This app very easy to use, and it really helps my child stay on task with her chores. An added benefit is that my child is learning at an early age, how her credit can be affected by using this app as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Does my child need to have their own device?
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Do  rewards need to be something that costs money?
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Is there a cost?
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Is this tied to their actual credit score?
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Can this be used in the classroom?
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Do you offer any other products?
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