The Giving Kredit Podcast


Welcome to our podcast!

In our new weekly podcast, Kiddie Kredit's Director of Community aka Chief Mom, Anika Jackson, interviews parents, tech CEOs, financial experts, kid entrepreneurs and others to talk about wealth equity, financial literacy, our own credit stories.

Meet Shannah Quinn, Mother and Kiddie Kredit User

August 30, 2021

Shannah Quinn lives outside of Houston, Texas with her two teenagers and rescue dog. She works as a Business Development Officer for Envision Title.

Meet Amanda Ducach, Founder/ CEO of Social Mama

August 23, 2021

Amanda Ducach believes that women are empowered through networking and connections; she created SocialMama to connect mothers for this very purpose.

Meet Julie Scotland and Pauline Rotetta, Founders of Pasito

August 9, 2021

Pauline Roteta brings to Pasito extensive experience in private investing, finance, growth and operations. Prior to Pasito, Pauline was a Senior Investor and Portfolio Manager at BlackRock. Pauline is a Fulbright Scholar and Fellow at the at The Capital Network. She holds a B.Eng. from Vanderbilt University.

Introducing Kiddie Kredit's Fearless Leader, Evan Leaphart

August 2, 2021

or our very first podcast, we introduce the man behind the plan. Evan Leaphart is the founder of Kiddie Kredit, a mobile chore tracking app that teaches kids about credit.