Meet Ebony Beckford, Founder of Fin Lit Kids and Prosperity Mamas

Ebony Beckford is an author, entrepreneur, and financial literacy advocate committed to closing the racial wealth gap in America, especially for communities of color. Ebony's work is guided by the notion that early financial education is a key component of achieving financial independence as well as building economically prosperous communities. In 2020, she founded Fin Lit Kids, a multimedia company that promotes financial literacy for kids ages 3-7 through fun and engaging books, games, activities, and content.

In addition to Fin Lit Kids, Ebony founded Prosperity Mamas, a community for mothers who are interested in healing and building wealth for black and brown children. She is also slated to produce the YouTube series Money Mondays with Mrs. Ebony and to tour the country reading her best-selling children's book, Madison's 1st Dollar.

Ebony’s work has been featured on,, Times Square Chronicle, and Kirkus Reviews Magazine. She hold’s a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from St. John’s University and has spent the last 8 years of her career working as a real estate tech professional.

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