4 Ways to Help Your Teenager Handle Their Allowance

Becoming a parent is both exciting and challenging and all the more worth it when you get to witness your child slowly grow up to become their best self. As you guide them through life and they reach their teenage years, you want to remain on their side and continue answering all their questions as much as you can.

It isn’t enough to show your child everything there is to know about going through life only when they are little. Instead, you need to continue teaching them valuable lessons until they become an adult and are ready to brave the world on their own.

An essential part of life is acquiring financial education, especially on how to budget money. It’s a lesson every teenager must obtain if they wish to master it by the time they reach adulthood. Keep reading below to find out helpful tips on teaching your teen how to manage their money.

Give Them Opportunities to Earn

It’s exciting to think that your kid will one day be old enough to start helping you around the house, especially when they show interest in doing chores and prefer to volunteer for it. But if they don’t, you must teach them that they have responsibilities to fulfill, even if it’s as simple as putting away their toys, sweeping the floor, or feeding your dog.

When your child becomes a teenager, they can expect their chores to become more challenging, including things like taking out the trash, washing the dishes, and mowing the lawn. Aside from the allowance your teen gets for school, you may want to consider giving them ways to earn extra money by accomplishing tasks and using a chore tracker app to monitor them.  

Help Them Open Up a Bank Account

One of the most significant milestones in a teenager’s life aside from reaching puberty and learning to drive is opening a bank account. It just goes to show that they’re well on their way towards becoming a responsible and mature person ready to take finances seriously.

Rather than still keep their piggy bank, having their own bank account encourages them to take better care of their allowance. It also helps them assess their savings and spending habits and learn how to avoid going overboard with the things they want to buy.

Teach Them About the Power of Giving

An essential part about teaching money management for kids isn’t limited to saving and spending—giving is also another important factor your teenager must learn as they get older. When you teach them to avoid being greedy, your child realizes too much becomes bad. 

Instead, they will begin to think about giving some of their money away to those in need and when they believe it’s necessary. Donating to charity, non-profit organizations, and other causes is essential in honing your teen’s upbringing. 

Explain the Essence of Saving and Spending

An excellent solution to convincing your teenager to start caring about money is to avoid giving them everything they want on a silver platter. Instead, you must encourage them to work for it by learning how to save their allowance.

Aside from that, it’s also vital that they learn how to spend their hard-earned money properly, often on things they know they need or want. You could also teach them a thing or two about saving for a rainy day, including building long-term goals they may have up their sleeve. 


There’s nothing wrong with teaching your child about responsibility early because it inspires them to stay grounded and understand the importance of good decision-making. When it comes to budgeting, your teenager will have an easier time if you continue guiding them with their finances. It will help to give them opportunities to earn, assist them with opening a bank account, teach them about the power of giving, and explain the essence of saving and spending. 

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John D Saunders

John D. Saunders is a Web Designer and Founder at 5Four Digital, CMO at Kiddie Kredit and an Automation Expert with a decade of experience building brands online. He's worked with clients including Audi, NAACP and Apps Without Code.