Positive Motivation Teaching Your Kids to Do Chores

As a parent, it is your responsibility to train your kids from an early age to do their chores willfully. Starting them young would not only retain the valuable lesson in them, but it would also show them the core principles of what you’re trying to teach them! More than that, it also shows them that it isn’t just about doing things in order to please other people—it’s about building character! 

They may not understand this whole concept for now, but once they reach a certain age, they will realize the value of each activity they do and handle.

“How would I motivate my kids to do chores around the house?”

There are actually multiple ways to accomplish this. To help you out, some of the most vital ones are here on this guide:

1. Make it fun

Don’t just reprimand your kids to get them to pick up their toys; that wouldn’t be the right approach at all! 

You should make it fun—after all, your toddlers are still in their learning stage, and what better way to learn than to add an element of fun within the activity. Perhaps you may create a “competition play” when it comes to picking up their toys. Tell them that whoever picks up the most toys would be the winner. This would somehow enable you to have quality time with your kids as well, especially if you’re often busy at work.

2. Show them how to do it

Parents are the lifetime mentors of their kids, even as early as their toddler years. With that being said, you can bet that whatever you do on a regular basis, your kids will copy that as well. 

Set a good example; show your kids that you are doing your house chores too. Better yet, show them how to do their kiddy chores so that they will have the initiative to do it by themselves moving forward!

3. Let them know that every little chore matters

No task is ever too little. Let your kids know at an early age that everything we do, no matter how big or how small, has a huge impact in the future. Let them know of the consequences if the task were to be left unfinished (toys left lying around may trip people in the house, leaving the dishes unattended may attract pests, etc.). You may also have a chore tracker app in order to keep track of their kiddie tasks for the day!

4. Show them that you’ll be more than happy to help them out when needed

This will develop the spirit of teamwork—thus, further developing your kid’s social skills from an early age. Let them know that they are never alone, even when they grow up! 

Every task or problem that they’d encounter would always be possible to solve or accomplish, as long as they learn to work with others harmoniously.

5. Practice positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement basically means to provide a reward once a task has been accomplished. This easily motivates your kids to always be on their feet whenever they need to do a chore. Of course, this method entails that they will expect something in return, but at least the chore would be done in no time.


These are just some of the most vital tips in teaching and motivating your kids to do their chores. Remember, it would all depend on how you’d approach each step. Would you be a strict parent, or would you rather be a voice of reason, allowing your kids to have some autonomy in accomplishing their tasks? Either way, these are all effective in teaching your kids a valuable lesson at an early age. 

Growing up, they may look back at this particular moment and be thankful to have parents who were kind, supportive, and wise enough in teaching them the importance of hard work and perseverance—two major qualities that are always in demand.

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