How to Teach Your Kids the Value of Money and How to Save For Later

Teach them by creating a monetary value system in your home.

The best way to teach your kids about money is to put it into play. This can be done with games and activities that center on teaching your kids about money and their future. One great way to help your kids learn the value of money is to set up a money system in your home. You can use a budget to help your kids keep track of their earnings and expenditures, but the real value of this is to help your kids understand the value of money. Once they understand that money has a value, they will be more likely to save and make better choices in their spending. This will improve their financial future and yours too!

Teach them the power of savings.

Saving for their future can be a very challenging task for kids of any age. It is normal for children to spend their money first — this is essential to their development and growth. However, spending money they don't have is a sure path to disaster. Children should know the difference between spending money and saving money. Saving is using money that you have now to purchase something you want in the future. Spending is just using money that you have now without thinking about the future use of the funds. This can be a very hard habit to break in young children, but it is one that can be encouraged and helped with games and activities. A great way to help your kids learn the value of money is to have them save. Bank accounts, savings bonds, and money lent to them at a low interest rate can all be used to help them learn the value of money.

Don't buy new until they have an understanding of the value of money.

One of the most important things you can do to help your kids learn the value of money is to let them choose when and where they purchase new goods and services. This is particularly important for kids who are accustomed to getting everything for free or for a very low price. Kids are more likely to save and invest if they are able to choose what they purchase from a younger age. This will also help them understand the value of money and save more for the future.

When something is over, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth anything.

It is important for kids to learn that things don’t remain the same forever, that things will change and that things will end. This is an important lesson to teach children, as it allows them to see the world around them and themselves as progressing and changing. Learning that things don’t remain the same can help children become more accepting of change and their own circumstances. This can help them to be more flexible, less judgmental, and less likely to bottle up feelings and negative thoughts.

Make saving for important ventures a family event.

One of the best ways to help your kids save for the future is to make saving for important endeavors a family event. This will give the entire family a sense of accomplishment and will help your kids develop a savings habit that will last a lifetime. Having a family savings plan will give the entire family a structure and a purpose. Saving for something as important as going to college will give your kids a sense of ownership over their money and a feeling of accomplishment when they achieve their goal.

By thinking about their future, they will be more inclined to save and invest.

Some of the best ways to teach your kids about the value of money is to get them involved in important endeavors and projects that will benefit them in the long run. This can be done with a number of activities and games that teach your kids about investments, business and entrepreneurship. Earning money by working for a family member or friend can be a great way for your kids to learn about the value of money. This money will benefit both of you in the end.


As you can see, there are many ways to teach your kids about money that won't cost you a single cent. In fact, by teaching your kids the value of money, you can help them to become more confident with their money, make better financial decisions, and ultimately have a happier and more secure financial future. The more your kids understand about money, the more likely they will be willing to learn more about their own finances and be more successful with their money management.

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Evan Leaphart

Evan Leaphart is the founder and CEO of Kiddie Kredit and the co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech. He creates online curriculums for schools, organizations, and families to teach children about the fundamentals of finance.