8 Chores That Kids Can Do to Let Them Earn Their Own Money

Children are never too young for most things, mainly because the earlier you let them learn something, the better they can handle things as they get older. There's no better testament to this than financial literacy, as it's essential to let them know the value of spending money wisely and making informed financial decisions.

There are many ways of teaching children financial literacy, but perhaps the easiest one is giving them money for doing chores. It's a win-win situation because the kids learn about what happens when they earn money and spend it, while the parents get to have more free time. They also know the value of hard work, which will stick with them through adulthood.

Here are some of the best chores that children can do that you can compensate them for:

#1 - Getting Ready for School Independently

In today's world of helicopter parenting and over-involved parents, kids often don't learn how to take care of themselves. They rely on their parents to get ready for school, which is the first step towards independence.

Many children who aren't taught this skill will get into trouble, especially in college. They think that everything will continue to be done for them, and when it isn't, it will create problems.

#2 - Preparing Their Own Lunch

Cooking is a quintessential life skill, and kids need to learn how to prepare their own food. They need to eat healthily and know what they can and cannot eat. This is also an essential skill in school and college when they'll be making their lunches.

Furthermore, they can save money by buying food in bulk. You can teach them to budget by limiting the number of items they can pick at the grocery store.

#3 - Taking the Dog Out for a Walk

If you have a dog at home, this is a great way to teach kids responsibility. Dogs need to be walked and taken care of, and they'll guide your child on how to look after them. They will learn how to handle and feed the dog, which teaches them how to be involved, and they'll have a relationship with an animal that will love and cherish them.

#4 - Help in Preparing Dinner

Children should be taught responsibility, which means helping out in the kitchen. They can chop vegetables, mix ingredients and wash dishes. The only thing you have to worry about is them not getting burned, but this happens infrequently. Giving them their own space in the kitchen will help them learn how things work and how ingredients need to be combined.

#5 - Cleaning the Floor

There's no such thing as a free room, and your kids need to be taught how to clean. There are two ways to do this—you can either let them clean the floor themselves or clean it yourself with them. In either case, they will realize that cleaning requires effort and that they need to do it to maintain a clean space. This will give them a clean, tidy room to stay in, which is helpful for no one but them.

#6 - Preparing Breakfast for the Weekend

You might have things to do on the weekend, so let your kids do the cooking. It's an excellent way to teach them that they can cook and make something nutritious. They'll also learn about the importance of breakfast in the process. Another learning experience for them is time management because they'll do the necessary tasks first before having time to play with their friends later in the day.

#7 - Washing the Car

This is an excellent way to teach your kids how valuable a clean car is. They'll be able to see how dirt and mud can damage the vehicle and how it can be cleaned. It could also be an excellent opportunity to learn about how car parts work and how to wash them.

#8 - Mowing the Lawn

Taking care of lawns is often done by professionals, but it's still a job that every homeowner should be able to do. It's an excellent way to teach children how to take care of a lawn. They can learn how lawns need to be managed and how to do it the right way.

How Much Money Should You Give?

Of course, you'll have to decide how much to give your children. This will depend on how old they are, what they're doing, and how much work they're putting into it. You can give them a set amount or let them earn a certain amount each week.

For example, a good amount to give them is $2 per task, which can go up depending on their work. That's the maximum amount, though, and you can decide to give them less if you want. They should still be happy with what they can get, and if it's too much for them, you can save it for a rainy day.


Financial literacy is an essential skill that you can teach your kids. It's best to start them early, and you can use chores to teach them how to handle money. This can have many benefits, from teaching them how to handle to how to deal with life's daily problems.

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John D Saunders

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