How to Assign Spring Cleaning Chores to Kids and Teens

If you feel your kids are old enough to carry out bits of chores around the house during spring cleaning, don’t hesitate to go for it! Assigning responsibilities to your children is a good way to train them for the many tasks of adulthood. 

A pep talk is a smart first step to help reduce the sighs and eye-rolls. Before you start working, remind your children and teenagers that chores are about more than just getting the task done. They are also excellent skill builders. 

When it comes to spring cleaning, the common spaces of the house are a fantastic place to start. Everyone can chip in and help make getting started less intimidating. Here are some cleaning suggestions and chore ideas to assist your kids in decluttering and participating in spring cleaning your home.

Let Them Help Manage the Kitchen

Tweens and adolescents can be assigned smaller, more doable jobs in the kitchen, which is a terrific area for the whole family to work together. Begin by cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry and double-checking the food’s expiration dates. Then, have them make a list of every food item that has to be replaced after that. 

You may also instruct your kids to defrost the freezer every once in a while. Cleaning the dishwasher can also be a simple task they can work on.

Assign Them as Family Room Declutter Officers

Another busy hub is the family room, which is typically a site where clutter accumulates quickly. Having a basket for each family member’s stuff is a smart hack. First, get rid of the mess by having them claim whatever belongs in their own place. 

Sort through old video games and books to see what may be passed down or donated to a new family. Any video games in good condition can usually be exchanged for reward points that can be used to buy a newer version. 

Make Them Marshals of Their Bedrooms

Because this project can be intimidating for tweens and teens, prepare your supplies ahead of time. A visible sorting system can be created using a rubbish bag, a recycling bag, and a clear bag for contributions. 

It’s time for them to clean out the designated closet or dresser where they store their clothes if they’ve run out of space. Fortunately, thrifting for clothes and accessories is very popular, and it has helped a lot of tweens and teens realize the many advantages of clothing recycling. 

If they can fill a bag to give away, they can treat themselves by dropping it off at a thrift shop in return for a few new pieces for the season. 


The physical act of cleaning up can help boost the feel-good hormones that improve a person’s overall mood. Messy and cluttered spaces lead to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while the physical act of cleaning up can help to boost the feel-good hormones that improve your mood. 

Those favorable sentiments could spread to the rest of the house. A subtle reminder of how messiness affects everyone might aid in the development of a collaborative mindset among your kids. This is especially recommended when spring cleaning is turned into a family endeavor rather than allocating domestic chores to tweens and teens to handle on their own.

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John D Saunders

John D. Saunders is a Web Designer and Founder at 5Four Digital, CMO at Kiddie Kredit and an Automation Expert with a decade of experience building brands online. He's worked with clients including Audi, NAACP and Apps Without Code.