14 Games Teaching Kids the Fundamentals About Money

Show me the money! We’ve curated an amazing list of games for What can make this money well spent is if you purchase things that teach kids about money.

If you don’t know where to start, look no further as we have compiled a list of games that will help your kids learn about money in a way that is fun and educational.


Monopoly… This classic game never gets old. It’s a great tool to teach kids about the basics of money, and acquiring properties. Test your kids ability to wheel and deal.

Pay Day

Pay Day is a fun game of making and spending money. It teaches you the value of holding onto your hard earned cash, and is made for kids of different ages.


The Game of Life teaches you exactly what its title says. You start out in life, then get a career and build a family. The game teaches kids the basics of transitioning from childhood through adulthood. It tracks assets and liabilities, and whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins.

Buy It Right

Buy It Right is a game intended for kids age 6 and up. It requires you to set prices, and buy and sell items as you move across the game board. It uses look alike bills and coins which helps kids recognize the different values of various bills and coins.

Act Your Wage

Act Your Wage is a game from Dave Ramsey intended for kids 10 and up. The key of the game is to become debt free. The concept is simple: the first player out of debt wins!


Cashflow is a game created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the wildly famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The concept of the game is to test your financial skills and identify your current financial style. The in depth game is very effective in teaching about finance.

Charge Large

Charge Large is an adult party game that can still be played with kids. It’s intended audience is for ages 12 and up, but it teaches about managing debt and leveraging cash and credit. The goal of the game is to upgrade to the black card, have $2500 in cash and be debt free.

Exact Change

Exact Change is an entertaining and educational game, for kids ages 5 and up, which teaches about money in a hands on way. Its simple, yet effective design has led to the game winning many awards from different parenting publications.

The Allowance Game

The Allowance Game is intended for kids age 5-11 and teaches the basics of identifying money values and simple math skills like addition and subtraction. Kids learn how to handle money and make change from this game and the goal is to be the first to save $20.

Moneywise Kids

Moneywise Kids is intended for kids age 7 and up. Parents teach kids to make change and budget and there is a secondary educational aspect that even teaches the parents themselves.


ThriveTime is a game intended for kids age 13 and up. It teaches financial management in a way that is easy to understand. The lessons about personal finance and investing are very applicable to the real world.

Bulls and Bears

Bulls and Bears is an economic and investment game. The unique game hasn’t been reviewed by many, but it is educational and fun to play. It’s definitely one of a kind.

The Sims

The Sims is a classic. Intended for all different ages, this game teaches about the basics of life. You start a family and learn to manage money similar to The Game of Life but this game comes in a computer format.


Chess… The ultimate game of strategy. I saved this one for last because while it does not teach you directly about finance it teaches you about the mindset you need to have.

It also teaches how you need to be a few steps ahead and be prepared for the unexpected.

While some of these games as you see don’t directly deal with money they are based on strategy.

One of the biggest factors about money is not how much money you have, but the strategy you have with the amount you do have. This holiday season make one of the best investments you could possibly make…

An investment in your children’s future.

Evan Leaphart

Evan Leaphart is the founder and CEO of Kiddie Kredit and the co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech. He creates online curriculums for schools, organizations, and families to teach children about the fundamentals of finance.