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Kiddie Kredit is a mobile app designed to educate children on the credit system by completing chores.

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Simple to use features, packed with financial literacy

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Credit made simple

Children learn how to manage their credit score effectively, by tracking chores and monitoring results.

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Educational content coming soon!

Access to assessments, educational tools and in-house resources for building credit knowledge.

And many more amazing features!

Task Customization

Tasks can be altered by parents to cover tasks, assign different priority levels to chores, and parents can also choose the
rewards for credit scores.

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Scoring System

Based on chores and completion, the app awards your child with a Kiddie Kredit score, familiarizing your child with the credit system.

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On-point Notifications

Receive smart notifications about expiring tasks that can affect your child's Kredit score and overall ratings.

I love this App!! I love the focus on teaching my kid about the concept Kredit.

Since I started using the app my kid has become more responsible and actually looks forward to doing chores and seeing her Kredit score improve.

We need more educational apps like this one to really prepare our children for what they need in the future. Thank You Developer!!!

Kiddie Kredit App User

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Does my child need to have their own device?
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Do  rewards need to be something that costs money?
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Is there a cost?
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Is this tied to their actual credit score?
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Can this be used in the classroom?
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Do you offer any other products?
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