How It Works

Your child completes a chore.

Children mark off the chores they have completed in the app after they’re completed.  Parents can then log in and either approve or deny the chore submission based on whether the chore was completed to their satisfaction.


All chores count towards a specific kredit score.  The score is calculated at the end of every week.  Parents can provide weekly allowance or reward based on the score. It is a good idea to set a value for every point in the score in advance. For example, one kredit can be equal to one dollar.

Your child gets their credit score

Based on the child’s credit score, they can then either redeem this for a reward of monetary or non-monetary value and how they utilize their kredit will also factor in how their score is calculated for the following week. If they use too much of their rewards this will simulate an adult utilizing too much of their credit which will damage their score for the following week

Financial literacy for all.