4 UBER Important Money Lessons to Teach

Managing money and building savings are some of the essential life skills you can have. These skills can help you navigate through life, save up for emergencies, and have some financial security. Unfortunately, most people reach adulthood without any finance management skills. They’re forced to learn on the go, which can lead to poor financial … Continue reading "4 UBER Important Money Lessons to Teach"

A New FREE App Teaching Financial Literacy To Kids [2019 Edition]

The lack of financial literacy among today's youth is quite prevalent. As a result, most people end up making terrible financial decisions when they grow older.   This isn't because they're not smart; it's because they did not have the knowledge to help them avoid these mistakes.   A large percentage of the young population … Continue reading "A New FREE App Teaching Financial Literacy To Kids [2019 Edition]"

14 Money Games For Kids

Show me the money! We’ve curated an amazing list of games for What can make this money well spent is if you purchase things that teach kids about money. If you don’t know where to start, look no further as we have compiled a list of games that will help your kids learn about money … Continue reading "14 Money Games For Kids"

8 Easy Ways to Save for Your Kid’s Future

As a parent, you have a number of responsibilities, and raising a child isn’t an easy job at all.   Just as you need to spend quality time with your kid, there is a secondary concern to making smart financial decisions for your child’s future. No matter which way you look at it, there is … Continue reading "8 Easy Ways to Save for Your Kid’s Future"